"No IRQ handler" after clean install of R9

I have an old PC Engines APU2c2 (PC Engines apu2 system boards), bought in 2016. This has been running C7 nicely since then.

Yesterday I installed a new (blank) mSATA card in it and then deployed R9 “minimal install”. Took a few attempts to get the partitioning the way I wanted (it’s a lot harder when all you have is a serial console), but I got there :slight_smile:

However on reboot the following “emergency” messages appear

__common_interrupt: 1.55 No irq handler for vector
__common_interrupt: 2.55 No irq handler for vector
__common_interrupt: 3.55 No irq handler for vector

(That’s one per CPU core, but not core 0 ?!)

The machine appears to be working (although I haven’t stress tested it).

Googling doesn’t help much; hints around disabling iommu; I’ve tried iommu=off amd_iommu=off intel_iommu=off but the messages still remain.

According to /proc/interrupts I see

55: 0 0 0 0 IO-APIC 16-fasteoi ath9k

So I removed that piece of hardware (since I’m not using Wifi on this machine). Now on reboot I still get the same messages, but /proc/interrupts shows nothing on 55

Also lspci -v | grep -i irq shows nothing on that IRQ.

I could try flashing a new bios but I’m loathe to do this except as last resort (recovery isn’t easy if it goes wrong).

Has anyone else seen this message and have any ideas?


        Vendor: coreboot
        Version: 88a4f96

Now would be a good time to update the bios. Simply because of the age of the HW. You should not do this if it is used in production… https://pcengines.github.io/ - the process is straight forward.

Yeah, I’d found the BIOS updates, but I’m hesitant; if it goes wrong then recovery appears to be a PITA.

But APU bios upgrade says they’ve done hundreds without issue, so maybe it’s worth the risk!