No ifcfg files on Gcloud instance

Hi ! And thank you again for this CentOS recovery :slight_smile:

Just maybe a bug or a peculiarity of Goole Cloud. When I create an instance on Gcloud with template RockyLinux, we don’t have any files for the network :

(11:26:07|root@rockylinux:/home/d.dalbera #) cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
(11:26:13|root@rockylinux:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts #) l
total 0
(11:26:13|root@rockylinux:/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts #) ls

Do you know why? The network seems to be OK but we can’t make any change or maybe we must create it?
No problem for my XCP NG Vm test…

Thank you in advance and have a good day!


Yes, this will be down to all network connections being managed by NetworkManager. The legacy type scripts you are talking about can be obtained by doing:

dnf install network-scripts

the question is if you really need them or not. I expect sometime in the future, the legacy network-scripts will disappear entirely.

You can make changes using nmcli or nmtui which is a ncurses style graphical console utility for configuring the network.

Ok thank you, the end of network-scripts , well but why on Glcoud and not on my XCP NG Vm test?

Gcloud maybe decide to remove this packet, I try to begin to use network manager :slight_smile: But I don’t like it on the past!

Thanks a lot !

Does the Gcloud image use/have cloud-init? Another cloud provider does, and one essentially sets network config at the cloud management, not in the VM. That setup definitely does not have NetworkManager (NM).

While NM does have config in some other place for some connections (e.g. VPN), the regular connections in el8 save config into backward-compatible (network-scripts) format, i.e. into the “ifcfg-*” files. I’m not sure whether the cloud-init just enables interfaces without any saved config.

IMHO, the in el6 and start of el7 the NM was a horror, but somewhere around 7.3 it started to support all my needs. NM in el8 still lacks in some esoteric use cases, but is otherwise ok.

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Yes certainly, thank you very much, I will try to like Network-Manager :slight_smile: