Nextcloud server on 8.7 not installing

I’m following along with this RockyLinux Documentation titled “Cloud Server Using Nextcloud”, but am running into an issue preventing me from moving forward in it.

I get stuck here:
The final step is to enable the stable version of Nextcloud from the modules. This is as easy as:
dnf module enable nextcloud:nextcloud-stable

The output is

$ sudo dnf module enable nextcloud:nextcloud-stable
Last metadata expiration check: 2:22:00 ago on Sat 19 Nov 2022 09:26:22 AM UTC.
Error: Problems in request:
missing groups or modules: nextcloud:nextcloud-stable

How do I get the missing module to exist? The documentation mentions taht RockyLinux 9 does not have the Nextcloud module, but I’m using 8.7 for that very reason. Please let me know what I can try next and it’s a brand new install so I can start over if necessary.

But where is it expecting to find this module, e.g. is is supposed to be in EPEL?

I’m not sure what happened to that module, but is no-longer available. I even have an instance of 8.6 unpatched and the module still does not show. At the time that the procedure you are using was written, that module existed. It is not a case, as @gerry666uk suggested, that it is missing because of a missing repository. (but thanks for that-it’s always a good suggestion to verify steps!). I’d recommend skipping down to the Nextcloud .zip install and using that method instead. We will update that document.

Verify if the epel modularity repository is enabled. As far as I know they recently made it disabled by default.

@jahway603 @nazunalika That’s the magic… the epel-modular.repo is now disabled by default. Enable that repository and then you will get this when listing modules and greping for nextcloud:

nextcloud            nextcloud-22    default, A private file sync and share server - version 22.0.x                                     
nextcloud            23              default, A private file sync and share server - version 23.x.x                                     

@jahway603 One final reply to this thread: Your best bet is still to use the .zip install method previously described. The reason is detailed here. With the EPEL modularity going away completely by February, using the modules in the epel-modular.repo is ill-advised. I’ll update the document you were using for the install on Monday.

@nazunalika yeah, the epel modularity repo is enabled

$ dnf repolist
repo id             repo name
appstream           Rocky Linux 8 - AppStream
baseos              Rocky Linux 8 - BaseOS
epel                Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 8 - x86_64
extras              Rocky Linux 8 - Extras
remi-modular        Remi's Modular repository for Enterprise Linux 8 - x86_64
remi-safe           Safe Remi's RPM repository for Enterprise Linux 8 - x86_64

@sspencerwire since the EPEL modularity is getting EOL in Feb 2023, and I want this server to be used long-term, then I will use the .zip install method described within the documentation. I will update here if I run into any snags with that method.

Thank you both.