PHP module requirements for OwnCloud?


I’m currently fiddling with OwnCloud on Rocky Linux 8. I have a few OwnCloud installations currently running on CentOS 7, and I’m planning to upgrade these. I’m using the “classic” OwnCloud server, installed manually on a LAMP stack.

The official OwnCloud documentation is a weird mix of precision and chaos. Lots of irrelevant information there, but on the other hand, no way to have a comprehensive list of required PHP modules on a RHEL 8.x installation, even if RHEL 8.x and clones are explicitly listed as “officially supported”.

On my sandbox server, I have Rocky Linux 8 with a minimal installation of PHP 7.4:

# rpm -qa | grep php | sort



As owncloud is pretty much the same as NextCloud - I think NextCloud forked Owncloud, anyway, their docs list the modules you need: PHP Modules & Configuration — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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After some more research, I managed to find a list of PHP requirements for OwnCloud:

Curiously enough, it’s in the next documentation tree, but missing from stable. And nowhere to be found in any index, I found the page by googling “PHP requirements for OwnCloud”.

And some of the stuff seems to be missing from the Rocky Linux 8 PHP implementation.

After some more research, I even found the corresponding Prerequisites page somewhere in the stable section. It’s just missing from the documentation index.

I managed to track down every single PHP 7.4 dependency under Rocky Linux except one.

Anyone ever heard of a php-posix module ?

Is that stuff maybe already included in a basic PHP installation, only under a different name ?

I’m puzzled.

Well Rocky only has what RHEL has, so if it’s missing it’s because of RHEL. That said you can use remi’s php repo which will give more modules as well as later versions of PHP.

You can use:

php -m

from the console to see what modules are installed, and then just install what’s missing. If there is no package when searching, then you’ll need to check and search remi’s php repo to see if it is there. If it is, add this repo to the system and problem solved.

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OwnCloud works exclusively with PHP 7.4. No other PHP version is supported.

Remi does have PHP 7.4 which might have modules that RHEL/Rocky doesn’t have by default. The page is here: Remi's RPM repository there is a wizard, to get the appropriate repo configuration.

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