Rocky Linux 9 in GCP module missing

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to install php in rocky Linux 9 in GCP but i can’t install (or verify it) with the command

dnf module list php
dnf module install php 7.4

i get a message “error: no matching modules to list”

Even when i type dnf module list, there is no module to list

Then i saw the topic Dnf install php vs dnf module install php:7.2 in the forum. > It means i can install the php using dnf install php and it will work fine. ?

I’m curious to know if it is possible to use module in the rocky Linux in GCP.


Rocky Linux 9.0 has no modules right now. The current latest PHP you will get (until november) is 8.0.13, installable using dnf install. There will be a php 8.1 module in Rocky Linux 9.1.

If you want php 7.4, you would need to use Rocky Linux 8 or use Remi PHP Repos.


Thank you @nazunalika for the info.

Hi @nazunalika, what did you mean by “until november”? Do we get modules this month? :sweat_smile:

You will need to wait for the release of RHEL 9.1, where Rocky Linux 9.1 will follow. PHP 8.1 will be one of the modules.

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Thanks @nazunalika!

Just found this reddit comment regarding the RHEL 9.1 release date:

[…] RHEL has been on a six-month minor release cadence since around 2017 so I would expect it to be somewhere around November 17, 2022.

Does anyone know if upgrading from Rocky 9.0 → 9.1 will be an easy in-place upgrade? Or is it better to wait until 9.1 is released before setting up new servers?

Point releases can be updated to once they’re released. If you setup a 9.0 machine now and 9.1 is released, you can run dnf update and immediately jump to 9.1.