Ifup/ifdown scripts provided by NetworkManager? Where are they?

If I install the network-scripts package, then the ifup and ifdown scripts are installed. But, when run, these scripts claim that NetworkManager provides its own copies of these script.

However, without network-scripts, I don’t find ifup and ifdown on my system. What’s going on?

There is a related question: “Which package has file X?”

Run dnf provides *bin/ifup
(We do know that ‘ifup’ is executable, so it probably is on path that ends “bin” or “sbin”.)

The command above does not show location of file, but when you know the package, you can ask:
dnf rq -l network-scripts | grep "bin/ifup"

ifup and ifdown are also provided by NetworkManager-initscripts-updown package.

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