RPM for NetworkManager utilities for gateway configurations

I cobbled together a spec file for nmutils, a collection of NetworkManager dispatcher scripts that can automatically perform IPv6 address allocation for gateways, including prefix delegation:

While creating the file, I discovered the recent systemd macros like _unitdir, and then found that there are no similar macros for dropping scripts for NM in the correct directories. It looks like the nmutils scripts should go in /usr/lib/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d, similar to systemd’s /usr/lib/systemd/system. But there’s no RPM macro for that. That seems like an oversight, but I’ve no idea where I can suggest adding the macro. Against RH’s Bugzilla for the RPM package? (Note that I can’t use _libdir, because that expands to /usr/lib64 on a 64-bit system. So I have to use _prefix, instead. Or /usr/lib, as macros.systemd does.)

Have you checked the SPEC files from the existing NetworkManager packages?

How would I determine which packages drop dispatcher scripts for NM? Is there a yum/dnf query that can do that?

What is in ‘NetworkManager-dispatcher-routing-rules’?

rpm -ql iscsi-initiator-utils-

This looks strange anyway, it’s an x64 package, but it’s using /usr/lib.

NetworkManager-dispatcher-routing-rules is a sub-package of NetworkManager, and NM’s spec file contains:

%global nmlibdir %{_prefix}/lib/%{name}
%global nmplugindir %{_libdir}/%{name}/%{version}-%{release}

Found here: NetworkManager/NetworkManager.spec at main · NetworkManager/NetworkManager · GitHub

This follows the pattern of systemd’s _unitdir, which is in /usr/lib/systemd/system on x64 systems. What was the history of that?