NIS master configuration deletes Volume Manager partitions

Hi all,
My first post here.
Please, before you berate and belittle me for using NIS please understand we’re an EDA shop with locations around the world, thousands of automap entries and hundreds of users that need to authenticate on many hundreds of systems. NIS is efficient in this regard. Yes, we’ve looked into moving away from NIS like SSS for authentication (and may move that direction) however, for now NIS is the fastest most efficient method for keeping passwd, shadow, automaps, group, etc, etc up to date across all our nodes.
Now for the question:
I’m trying to build a NIS master from a virtual host installed via RH Satellite (IK, oil and water :slight_smile: ). Once I have the server up and running and reboot many of the OS partitions simply disappear and the system will not boot. Once in rescue mode, the partitions are simply missing.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Many Thanks! And Many Thanks for Rocky Linux! You guys Rock! :slight_smile: :love_you_gesture:

Here is the URL I was following to configure the NIS master:

Have you had any resolution to this? Or to replicate it? I have not been able to reproduce this result from a standard Rocky 8 install and making it a NIS Master. (the removal of any volumes, but I am also not using RH Satellite to make the VM, I am using ProxMox VE to host the VM’s for NIS)

I am also using Rocky in EDA extensively for many services.

Hi Preachermanx,
Thanks for reaching out.
I’ve rebuild the system a few times and each time after following the instructions and rebooting the system its missing several partitions.
Before setting up the NIS master the system is fine. Even created an artificial CPU load and filled up the RAM and rebooted a couple times. Then, after I setup NIS master, and reboot, it’s partitions are
magically gone.
IOW: Yes, I can replicate it.
I’m installing Rocky 8.4