NFS cosmetic 'sticky' quota exceeded message

Anyone else experienced this? Spent quite a bit of time googling, can’t find a similar issue. Also unsure if this is something that also occurs in Centos 8.

Occurs on Rocky 8.6 and 9.0 and apparently Ubuntu 20-04 although another team tested this last OS for us.

Tested from a NFS4.1 mount from a Pure Storage device as well as a NFS4.2 mount from a xfs volume running on a Rocky9 server.
The user name spaces (uids) were identical for all tests.

NFS file system mounted on host on which client is working.
Client is overquota and tries to write to a file (call this FileA.txt).
Client gets “Disk quota exceeded” error as expected.

Admin now increases the quota sufficiently to allow user to continue writing to FileA.txt. However writes to this particular file still produce “Disk quota exceeded” errors, even though client successfully writes to the file. Writes to other files do not produce errors so long as client did not attempt to write to them while quota was exceeded. Writes to FileA.txt on other hosts which have the NFS file system mounted do not throw this error, even while the error is simultaneously presenting itself on the initial host. Copying the file to another file name and then overwriting the original FileA.txt ‘fixes’ the problem.

The same mounts above were also exported to a Centos7 server and the error did not occur: raising the user quota after a file write caused a “Disk quota exceeded” allows subsequent writes to that file with no further error messages.