Copy multiple files from cifs-mout hangs

On latest Rocky 8.6 I’m hit by this kernel bug 198349 – Copy multiple files from cifs-mout hangs . Does anyone know a workaround ?

I upgraded to Rocky 9.0 and the problem persists. Any hints would be really appreciated - I need to keep the share as a samba share and cannot switch to nfs only.

according to GLib stuck when copying small files from a CIFS mount (#2679) · Issues · GNOME / GLib · GitLab adding cache=loose to the cifs mount options solves the issue. First tests confirm it.

I couldn’t duplicate the issue between my RL8.6 server and F35Mate. I read through the bug and did see that cache=loose was one of the later recommended solutions. What I don’t understand is why this would be a kernel bug as opposed to a bug in specific file browsers. I imagine that file browsers invoke certain integrity checking routines that are mollified with the “loose” option.