New release GPG key?

I’ve just installed Rocky Linux 9 and upon first dnf update I see a new release key that I can’t find a reference to anywhere. Even Google doesn’t know about it.

Rocky Linux 9 - BaseOS
Importing GPG key 0x350D275D
 Userid      : "Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation - Release key 2022 <>"
 Fingerprint : 21CB 256A E16F C54C 6E65 2949 702D 426D 350D 275D
 From        : /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-Rocky-9

No mention of this key on

Can someone please sanity check me? If this is the new release key for 9 it should be included on the keys page above. It would be great if it was also published in a keyserver.

That is the default key and it comes with the rocky-gpg-keys package. The keys page on the site is not up to date. I submitted a github issue to resolve this.

You can confirm the keys that are provided with the distribution in these locations:

rocky-release package r9 branch
checksums repository

Awesome. Thank you for the additional links. You’ve saved my sanity for the day :slight_smile: