Hello Community

I have a valid certificate for my server (please see screenshot attached).
It provides for secure access to all the services on my server except when I try to access Cockpit Admin tool. Then I get the message “NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID”

I don’t seem able to fix this. Any idea what is wrong?

Thanks, Wolfgang


You would need to also configure cockpit to use the certificate. I’m guessing you are accessing cockpit on port 9990 right? There is most likely a way to configure cockpit with a different certificate. I did it another way though, by making myself a vhost on port 443 with my certificate, and you proxy config in apache/nginx to redirect to port 9990 to cockpit.

This might help in relation to configuring cockpit: SSL/TLS Usage and this one is a howto on how to install your certificates (commercial or non-self-signed): Install SSL Certificates on Cockpit - you just need to start from step2 copying the cert/key files to the server.

I just tested this now. Copy the cert/key files to /etc/cockpit/ws.certs.d in a format for the FQDN of your server. For example:

then restart cockpit.

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Hello @iwalker.

Thanks for the explanations.
I actually found a solution by simply creating a symbolic link to the certificate.
Any concern with that solution?


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Should also work fine.

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