Rocky 9 '9090 web interface' - and nonstandard ssh port

I want to change the SSH/SFTP port from port 22 to a non-standard port. Will this break the 9090 web interface? TIA!

If you are referring to the terminal screen inside cockpit, then it hasn’t done when I just changed my SSH port. But then cockpit was local on the same machine that I did this on. Not sure what it will be like if you use for example a single cockpit instance to connect to other servers. But you can try it and see what happens. If it does, then change the port back to 22.

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I don’t use cockpit, but I do have multiple “connection aliases” in ~/.ssh/config

Host foo
  User bar
  HostName gaz.mydomain
  Port 12345

Presumably, if you add such entry to /etc/ssh/ssh_config.d/rockandroller.conf, then every user of ssh client in that machine – including the cockpit – should be able to ssh foo, rather than requiring the ssh -p 12345 bar@gaz.mydomain.


OK, I changed SSHD to run on my custom port, (after configuring selinux and my firewall accordingly!) and it works fine - no problem using the ‘cockpit’ 9090 web console’s terminal :slight_smile:

thanks for all the hints