Need to Install SIP softphone

I am looking for twinkle or ekiga package for Rocky.If I get it we will to Start to Implement Rocky on my organisation.In centos 7 ekiga is Available

Rocky is 1-1 of RHEL, so if RHEL don’t include the package, Rocky won’t either. Under RHEL7 it existed in the optional repository, but this no longer exists in RHEL8. Maybe someone will package it and it will appear in epel or some other third-party repo.

Then Please Kindly Suggest me ,if is there any other free SIP softphone Package for RHEL8 other than twinkle or ekiga

I don’t know, as I don’t use sip. Have you tried google searching? Here is a quick google search below for sip client linux rpm.

I have done google search already :sweat_smile:

Hi, in was in the same situation and the only non-stoneage, working software I found is:
The free version of Zoiper. ( )

Since there’s no deeplink to the download page, here’s the clickpath:
Download > Desktop > Linux > Free Version Download > RPM Package

The “free for non-commercial use” version however has no messenger (text chat) and no video call! In other words: It’s phone (voice) only.

But other than that, it’s stable, performs well and doesn’t look too ugly.

Hope this helps,

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