Mysql 56 on Rocky Linux 8.5

Hi guys! have any of you tried to install MySQL 5.6 on Rocky linux 8.5? I wonder if it can be done withou manually compiling…

Isn’t that rather old? Could you port your database to versions that Rocky has (mysql-8.0, mariadb-10.3, or mariadb-10.5)?

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My experience is that my Hibernate version isnt compatible with MySQL 8. So instead of 5.6, I installed 5.7 using the bundle packages. Then use DNF install to install the packages in one command.

I will then go into testing in the next month to see if this is reliable. You could probably install 5.6 the same way if you can find package bundles.

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I Appreciate for taking your time to help! this tip just did the job! Regards

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What repositories have you used to install MySQL 5.6 (or 5.7) in Rocky?

Sorry @rbarreca I am only seeing your message now.

a) download the bundle packages for mysql 5.6 or 5.7.
b) run dnf install

This should install your package. I used 5.7 as it had some support remaining unlike 5.6.