Mpt3sas does not work with RockyLinux 9

I have the same issue when try to install on Dell Poweredge M915.
I try this solution, but at install time if I add inst.dd to the installation.
I use idrac6 to install the system and attach the as floppy img and DVD image of RL9 as cd rom image.
When the system boot recognize the /dev/sdb with OEMDRV with driver but the installation is hang after that the devices is recognized.

“the devices is recognized”

Were you actually able to load the mpt3sas driver? Or did it fail before that?

I can load the mpt3sas driver but after this nothing happens as you can see from this screenshot


The process is stale and nothing happens


Could you try installing Rocky 8 instead? You need to use the corresponding DUD iso from ELRepo. If this works, it would indicate that the problem you are seeing is unique to el9.


Hi Unfortunately, same behaviour with RL8.6 and relative driver, as you can see from the screenshot-I use the iso dvd image and the driver for RL6.
Same issue also if I try to boot the Poweredge M915 in BIOS mode
If I press Enter or other keys nothing happens.

Just for knowledge, I try to install opensuse leap 15.3 and I have no problem.

Is there a procedure to build the driver for the iso without use inst.dd at installation process?
Also a way to build a custom iso for installation.
Maybe the problem is with isnt.dd and that I use a floppy image available from DRAC?