Migrate from rhel 6 to Rocky Linux

Hi in our company have very important server which still on rhel6.
Is it possible to migrate from this to Rocky Linux?
Or it have to be in rhel 8 after that I can migrate it to Rocky Linux

The AlmaLinux Community provides ELevate to migrate from EL7 systems to EL8 systems.

Personally, I recommend against migration. EL7 is substantially different form EL6 and EL8 from EL7. The EL6 to EL8 is a giant leap. It is much cleaner to make a fresh install of Rocky, implement configuration that is appropriate in Rocky, and restore data.

If I can’t do wipe-install-restore, then I usually have left unallocated disk space when I have installed the old system in order to now be able to install new without removing the old. That, unfortunately, is hindsight.

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