Mellanox drivers

Has anyone tried Mellanox OFED drivers on the latest Rocky? The newest available on Mellanox website is for RHEL / CentOS 8.5.
I found this guide for installing on Rocky 8.3 which sounds a bit complicated and hacky. Anyone know if Mellanox will provide official support?

We are using OFED 5.7- on Rocky 8.6. There actually is a download for RHEL 8.6, but you have to scroll all the way down in the “OS Distribution Version” selection, since it is labeled “RHEL 8.6” Instead of “RHEL/Centos 8.6”. The RHEL 8.6 RPMs work for us on Rocky 8.6, although we do rebuild the kmod RPMs. With OFED 5.6, the official way to install OFED on Rocky and other “community operating systems” was changed. On the download page, there is an item “Community” in the “OS Distribution” selection, but that contains sources only.

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