Megasync installation from terminal

Hi all, pardon my English, I have installed Roky linux 9.1, I would like to install Megasync, how can I do? Kindly I use the Terminal, if you can help I would be very happy, I await answers hello everyone


Use megacmd, see: Unleash MEGAs Full Potential with MEGA CMD - MEGA

The RHEL8 one should work with editing the repo file to use hard-coded EL8 instead of it auto-detecting - at least until they bring out an RHEL9 one. One of the Fedora options should also work fine, but will also require a little bit of repo file editing.

Is that MEGA a cloud storage provider? Someone else has “MEGA software” as in “Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis” – totally unrelated.

The point is that some names are more ambiguous than others – Google did not make it clear what “MEGA” is. A question gets better (and easier to answer) when it supplies more information.