Megaraid Storage Manager

Hello all,
Has anyone on here deployed the storage manager software on a Rock 9.3 installation.

I downloaded the latest file listed on the Avago/Broadcom web site and it is version MegaRAID_Storage_Manager-17.05.06-00.

Looking through the readme file it lists my 9361-8i controller as supported but the latest version of operating system that it refers to in the installation instructions is rhel7.

I thought I would ask before I try and get it to work ?


I have not used that explicit controller, but I do use a RPM that I found online to get my storcli commands:

I needed a newer version then the link I previously posted. Found a better link for any who need StorCLI for MegaRAID devices:

Should that fail: go to, clikc on Support and Services, then Support Documents and Downloads, then search. You have to select the “Family” option for ALL Storage Adapters, Controllers, and IC’s then search for storcli. You want “Latest StorCLI” and it will download a zip file with rpms/deb/exe/ect…

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