Linux msdrc client?

This is a bit of long shot, but does anyone know of an msrdc client for Linux?

Microsoft caused a lot of confusion. Traditional RDP mstsc “remote desktop connection” stuff is well done and there’s lots of clients for it.

But for Azure virtual desktop and Windows 365 (“windows as a service”) they use a different client… which they also called “remote desktop” but uses msrdp instead.

They provide clients for windows, MacOS, iOS, Android… but not Linux. Harumph.

The problem I have is that the closeness in names means it’s almost impossible to search; all results are tainted with the older client.

So does anyone know of a msrdp client for Linux, especially one that’ll work with azure AD MFA?

I would suggest remmina as that’s my preferred client, but it sounds like you may have already tried it.

I found these issues for remmina that may be related:

Yeah, in this case Remmina is just using FreeRDP. But I don’t thting FreeRDP knows how to do Azure AD MFA. At least I’ve not been able to get it to work!