Leapp-upgrade install fail for CentOS7 ->Rocky8

I was following the instructions for the COS7 to Rocky8 migration and got Elevate installed but the install of Leapp-upgrade leapp-data-rocky failed with a package not found.

Further, both the Elevate and Leapp installs had to search through screen-loads of mirrors trying to find anything and only ‘cmich’ site seemed to have them. Is this method of migration depreciated and not recommended. Please advise.

As CentOS 7 is end of life, you will need to change your repo files to point to the centos vault at vault.centos.org and then you can try again.

Any further issues, we recommend reaching out to the elevate maintainers as upgrades are not generally supported by this project.

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Much appreciated Label. Will do on the repos and try again. I did look for info on leapp/elevate but didn’t find anything so posted here. Thanks again for the details.
Alan D.

Am I correct here that I don’t mod the epl repos, just the CentOS ones?

It is only the CentOS repositories you have to modify.

Thanks again. It is still rolling right into the mirror searches so something else must be going on. It actually finds the files needed at cmich but times out because of slow response time. I’ll try to contact AlmaLinux folks tomorrow for a chat session to see if they can enlighten.

An update here. Just pointing to the vault doesn’t work post EOL. The Elevate/Almalinux folks have a repository now. Look at the post
Elevate Migration Base Repo Download
It all worked well for fixing the yum repo Base and getting Elevate and Leapp, but using the Rocky Linux data for Leapp. In their install of Elevate replace the section that looks like

$(rpm --eval %rhel)

with just the number ‘7’ to make it go w/o error.