Kernel update ( 4.18.0-372.9.1 > 4.18.0-372.52.1 )

There is a security update for the following versions of rhel 8.6.

I have a rhel 8.6 server and a rocky 8.6 server.
both current kernel version is ( 4.18.0-372.9.1 ).
i’d like to update kernel to ( 4.18.0-372.52.1 ) for rocky 8.6.

is it possible ?

No, it is not possible. Rocky Linux 8.6 is no longer in support. As of today, 8.8 is in support.

You are recommended to update using dnf update.

Please see our version policy for more information: Rocky Linux Release Version Guide - Rocky Linux Wiki

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Hi @nazunalika

I read through above URL and failed to understand RL8.6 is no longer supported.

Would you please make it more clear in the URL with simple formula like N-1(current and previous ) versions are supported ?