Issues Making KDE Plasma the default DE using Kickstart

Hey All,

I’m trying to use GDM, X11, and KDE-Plasma to setup my environment, via kickstart.

The reason why I want to do this via kickstart, and not via the UI/in a ~/.* file is because many users will be using the machine and I’d like to set a system wide default without having to go through the GUI.

I’m installing the package groups:

@Internet Browser #firefox
@KDE Plasma Workspaces
@network-file-system-client #autofs, samba, etc.

I’m using xconfig command during kickstart xconfig --startxonboot --defaultdesktop KDE to no avail. Gnome-Standard still starts upon user login. I’ve also tried setting this to plasma in hopes that it picks up the file located in /usr.shares.xessions/plasma.desktop but that did not appear to have an effect.

I’ve also tried removed all options from /usr/share/xsessions/ except for the KDE option, but that also did not work

I’ve tried the solution mentioned in Redhat’s KB, How to configure default desktop session in RHEL7 ? - Red Hat Customer Portal which didn’t appear to do anything other than adding an additional DE option in the cog menu on the login UI.

Any ideas?

This a bump for the thread.

Update: It seems the only way that I’ve reliably been able to do this is by removing any other option for desktop environments in /usr/share/xsession

The way I accomplished this was by removing all .desktop files except plasma.desktop. The was executed in the “post” section of the kickstart file. find /usr/share/xsessions/ -type f ! -name 'plasma.desktop' -delete