Installing Tor Browser

I was reading a blog post on howto install the Tor Browser. One way is to use download it from the Tor site:, and the other way to setup a repo from:

Both seems to give the same browser, but the versions are so different: 0.4 vs 12.0.5. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, are there any FirewallD services needed, &/or SELinux-fix that needs to take care of. I guess that’ll show, but incase someone have som experience from it.

Maybe this is an option for you:

Note that this package is not verified:

Verified Apps
What does the checkmark under an app name mean?

Some apps have a checkmark on the app page under the developer name. This means the app is published on Flathub by its original developer or a third party approved by the developer.

I personally only use verified apps but other people may not care…

Thanks. I ended up using their official download link, and ran it from its folder (not too keen on having programs running like that). Tried the repo version first, but that was appearently just the tor service - which I should’ve figured. -_-

Anyway, it worked, and I could set an Exitnode country to get where I wanted. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

Glad you got working :slight_smile:

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