Installing Scribus On Rocky Linux 8.7 Step-by-Step

OK as a PSA on HOW to install Scribus on Rocky 8.7, a task that has defeated me over and over Here is a Step-by-Step method I used for installing Scribus.

OK a little background. When I first tried to do this, someone said to use “Flatpak”. Fast Forward to today. Once I tried​ to install Scribus, and kept running into a brick wall. Once again, I turned to “the Web”. It was just as useless as before, so this time I decided to add, " How to install Scribus on Rocky Linux 8.7 **YouTube Video.**​" and immediately got a hit:


How to install Scribus Publisher on Linux - YouTube

](How to install Scribus Publisher on Linux - YouTube)

He shows two different methods, one via GNOME – which I actually did try and ran into a brick wall thus useless to me – and the second was via the CLI and using “Flatpak”. Ah the mysterious “Flatpak”. It was almost​ as useless, only this time I had a video, which provided a clue​ as where I went WRONG​.

**Step 1.**​ The first thing you need to do is ensure that “Flatpak” is indeed installed. On Rocky Linux 8.7 and openSUSE 15.4, Flatpak is installed by DEFAULT. If it is NOT installed, then you need to install it by dnf (RL 8.7) or zypper (openSUSE 15.4).

**Step 2.**​ This is the most important Step and omitted in the video and every other source I consulted: You need to Add the Flathub Repository. This was not covered in the video but via continuing to search​ after the video ran me into another brick wall. To Add the Flathub Repository issue the following command as Root:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

dnf update

Adding the Flathub Repository is the KEY to unlocking it all. Failure to do so and you will end up bashing your head into a brick wall.

Step 3. ​flatpak search scribus

**Step 4.**​ You will end up with the following output (sort of – formating will differ):

(flatpak search:45221): As-WARNING **: 23:20:05.807: re.rizin.cutter.plugin.rz-ghidra was of type addon but had no extends
Name Description Application ID Version Branch Remotes
Scribus Open Source Page Layout and Desktop Publishing (DTP) net.scribus.Scribus 1.5.8 stable flathub

The APPLICATION ID is what you want.

**Step 5.**​ Flatpak install flathub net.scribus.Scribus -y

**Step 6.**​ You are now essentially done. It will then run up to 6 different programs, Progress will be marked by [/]. This may take some time.

DO NOT STOP OR INTERUPT the progress. The next thing you should see is your prompt.

**Step 7.**​ Reboot the machine. If you are using KDE go to the Application Launcher (Far left side of Panel), type “scribus” under Search, right click on the mouse, you wll then have a choice where uou want to add it to (Desktop, or Panel – I put it on one of my Virtual Desktops)

Hope this helps.

D’ Cat

P.S. this is probably​ easier that doing the install via Source.

P.P.S. One must thing down, a few more to go.


  1. How to Install Scribus Publisher On Linux


How to install Scribus Publisher on Linux

Linux doesn’t have tools like Microsoft Publisher, or anything like that. If you need to work on a publishing project on a computer running a Linux-based operating system, you’ll have to install the Scribus publisher tool. More info at

2.) Flatpak: Rocky Linux Quick Setup Flatpak—the future of application distribution

Flatpak—the future of application distribution

Install Flatpak. Flatpak is installed by default on Rocky Linux 8 and newer, when installed with a software selection that includes GNOME (Server with GUI, Workstation).

@desercat Thank you for this! Would you consider putting this all together for


Sure would, except I’m not sure how to go about it. Yes, I could clean up my post a bit, but I’ve never done any computer related technical writing.

The idea behind this post was to show a Step-by-Step means for installing Scribus (in this case 1.5.8 Beta), on Rocky Linux 8.7. That was the reason for including the Citations / Bibliography at the end.

Tell me how I go about putting this all together for We are entering a Brave New World here for me.

D’ Cat

You could just download scribus-1.5.5-linux-x86_64.AppImage from here:

Then you just make the downloaded file executable and run it.

That’s literally all there is to it.

That’s how I run Scribus on Centos/Rocky 8.

@desercat The process isn’t terrible. Here are a couple of caveats:
1.) We prefer that documentation is written in markdown, which is an easy format to learn. The has a bit on markdown editors, but you can generally use any editor that you are comfortable with. While we prefer markdown, we will accept your document in any format, then edit it into markdown and post it for you. We have a document here that talks about using markdown to write documentation for Rocky Linux.
2.) We use Git and GitHub for merging documents into the live system. Again, the README in the first link above discusses that. However, if you don’t have a GitHub account and don’t want to create one, again, we will post your document for you.
3.) Come join us on Mattermost in the documentation channel as questions asked there regarding documentation will be answered more quickly.

@FrankCox This is another method and a good one! It could be added to the same document as an option. It’s great to have more than one option for doing things. There may be some that prefer the AppImage method and some that prefer the Flatpack method. Thank you!