Installation problem

Invalid image
Failed to read header: Unsupported
Failed to load image: Unsupported
start_image() returned Unsupported

When I try to install Rocky Linux 8.6…it will through this error…i am new to Rocky Linux…someone please guide me how to resolve this

Hello @Sangampachauri

did you verify your download using the checksum?

you can find the checksum here

how do you install it using usb memory and if yes which app you used to create it ?

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I wanted to dual boot window 10 along with Rocky linux , so I used Rufus and balenaEtcher to create bootable pendrive, but the the error remains.

Even i updated bios…still nothing.

Previously, I’ve installed ubuntu, debian, Archlinux but never this problem occurred.

Thank u for replying me
…do anybody have suggestions what should I do now?

did you verify you rocky iso that you downloaded it has sha256 checksum

check this one on how to verify your file

for rufus

did you choose the correct target system option and did you choose fat32 for the file system

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Rufus has been notorious that with its default options it miswrites CentOS images to USB.

yes i’ve checked checksum sha256 and perfectaly matched.
yes i choose fat32.

after lot of search i found that rufus causing the trouble and i used ventoy to make botable usb and worked for me, now i’ve installed the rocky liux on my laptop successfully.

thankyou for being with me…


you welcome and well done