Installation OCS Inventory Rocky linux 8

Hello @all!
Could someone help me to finish the installation of this tool?

I already did all the steps. where I have to go to the : cd /tmp directory and download the latest version of OCS Inventory using the following command .

cd /tmp sudo wget “link”

I get this error.:

Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
2023-07-26 16:27:25 ERROR 404: Not Found

Hi Luis, welcome!

I think you are going to provide a little more information: What instructions are you trying to follow, would be one. Are you running a fully upgraded version of 8, would be another (i.e., are you at the latest version of RL 8, which is 8.8).

Let us know and then we will see if someone can give you a hand.


Maybe you should installl OCS Inventory with RPM:

Good morning, thanks for your interest in helping.
if I’m using version 8.8 (green Obsidian)
I am following the installation steps by chatGPT.

already installed:

Now I’m having problems with the link to download the OSC

““cd /tmp
sudo wget””

Good morning Ligenix, thanks for your interest in helping me. I’m going to read the documentation today, and if I can solve something, I’ll let you know. thank so much.


Looks like the guide you are using is wrong or out of date, here is the command for the latest version:

cd /tmp
sudo wget

Or for that specific version (I would stick to latest version, unless it can’t be avoided):

cd /tmp
sudo wget

Regards Tom.

Hi Luis,

In the documentation, you have:

Enterprise Linux 8

dnf install yum-utils
yum-config-manager --enable remi
dnf module reset php
dnf module install php:remi-7.3
dnf install --enablerepo=powertools ocsinventory

No tarball to download, just use dnf

You can also check if you can update php to 8.x

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Hi guys, I apologize for the delay in responding. In the end I had to do it on Ubunto to be able to deliver the project on time.
But today I’m going to set up a laboratory to try to recreate the environment, so I have more experience for the future. Thanks for the help.

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