Hyper-V Integration Services

hello all, i have installed 8.5 on hyper-v server 2019. the installation went perfect, but during a reboot it stated vsbus vmbus, gui error, something about uefi…
but the system is starting and i am able to login. tried to install LIS for hyper-v (downloaded it from MS) but in all 4x attempts i get the message “unsupported os”. after reading a lot of url/forums i decided to start with update initramfs. therefor i have to edit some files in the directory /etc/initramfs-tools but the directory isnt there.
Q: is LIS allready integrated in 8.5?
if Y then which file to edit? or is there another solution?(besides the remark of not using hyper-v)

That is a Microsoft problem. See this link:

  • SRIOV (Accelerated Networking) support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Oracle Linux with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel versions 6.7-6.10 (64-bit only) New with Linux Integration Services 4.3.4 and newer: * 64-bit and 32-bit RPMs have been separated into different tar files and ISOs. Please refer to the release notes for more information. LIS is applicable to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and the Oracle Linux Red Hat Compatible Kernel 5.2-5.11, 6.0-6.10, and 7.0-7.7

It only supports RHEL, CentOS and Oracle Linux. Microsoft would need to provide packages for Rocky, Alma and any other spin-offs. Most likely it is looking at /etc/os-release or /etc/redhat-release and checking for a particular string of text that matches the appropriate distro.