How to (upfront) enable sshd to work also in emergency mode?

I want to make sure my server is accessible from the outside for maintenance when it has ended up in an emergency status, for instance after an unsuccessful reboot or power-on after a power outage.
Is this possible? How do I enable this upfront, meaning before I end-up in the emergency mode?
My servers BIOS/EFI is set to automatically power-up the server when the power is restored.

Thanks for any hints!

I don’t think that is easily possible. But most servers have build-in hardware which you can access from the outside for such this purpose. HP servers for example have an ILO, Dell has iDRAC, & others have other things called differently. You setup those systems when you setup the Server, & then you can access it from the outside. For example you can then see the post messages of the server when it boots, you can enter it’s BIOS then, etc. It is exactly as if you were sitting in the Server room in front of the Server, & you have direct access to it.

So I suggest you look at the server’s manual for details of such a system. Sometimes not all the possible options for those systems are available by default, sometimes you have to buy an optional upgrade to get those functions. So you have to work together with your server’s manufacturer or sales outlet if you need details on it.

Thanks frei!

I did not think about that option! I’ll check what is available for my server’s motherboard/BIOS!

This was a new opening!

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