Rocky 8.6 emergency mode

Hello my name is Aitor,

I have reinstalled rockylinux 8.6 multiple times with Gnome and always when restarting the physical server, “you are in emergency mode” appears on the screen.
I show the error in the attached screenshot. I hope someone can help me.

Thank you very much.

Searching the web for “pcieport can’t change power state from D3cold to D0” brings up many results. I’d search for that, and see if any of the results you come across are using similar hardware arrangements.

This seems to arise in weird hardware edge cases and have similarly weird fixes (one mention I saw claimed that the user was getting around the issue by unplugging their monitor during boot :thinkeyes:)

I also think it’s from the monitor or graphics card, but I’ve done a lot of tests and I can’t solve the problem.