How to reconfigure RHEL 8 Kernel

Does anybody know how to build the fedora kernel with the rhel config?

If you need a newer kernel, consider using elrepo.

Would that work with the RHEL config on rocky 8.7?

The configs from rhel are used in elrepo as a starting point.

Would you be interested in helping compile it?

We can help. But I’m interested to know why you need to recompile it. ??

@toracat im trying to get rocky 8.7 working on my MacBook

Would you be able to help me?

Not particularly with MacBook, but with respect to rebuilding the kernel, yes.

Perfect! Thank you so much! where do I start?

So the latest RHEL is 5.14, we would like at least 5.15, for a better experience :slight_smile:

kernel-ml is at 6.2.0 at this moment. Why don’t you install it on your system and look around? And see if you need to do any modifications.

Not for rocky 8.7 it’s on 15.4

I’d also like to note that, while the EL9 kernel is “5.14”, the version number is deceiving. EL kernels get tons of backports, so it’s no longer the same as kernel-5.14 from

And how do I know what has been backported and what hasn’t?

Ideally it would need to be upstreamed

One way is to look through the changelog.

And what would I do from there?

@Djdoogle123 could you enumerate what exactly does not work please and what progress you get in that area with elrepo kernels?
Which Macbook …? Hardware with a T2 chip would need some adaptions →

Hi @Ritov, so basically I’m trying to get rocky on 8.7 on the MacBook Pro dual boot. So according to the guys at t2linux the kernel needs to be at least 5.15 and then we can apply the patch