How to paste text into tty?


I’ve been using CentOS7 for years with my server. For remote maintainance, I connected to the server through ssh via putty / ssh (provided in my windows 10 PC).

Recently, I installed a new server with Rocky 9. When using putty / ssh connecting to the new server, I found that pasting does not work. i.e., when I pressed my right mouse within putty window, the bash command line is jut stucked. I had to break it with Ctrl+C.

Are there some settings changed? Or what could I do to have the paste operation work? Thanks.


I just tested this right now in Windows 10 with putty, and connecting to my Rocky 9 machine and it works fine. Right-click pastes without a problem.

So not sure why yours doesn’t work, sounds very weird to me.

Maybe try another app, eg: mobixterm in Windows to rule out something between putty and your server. If the problem follows across to eg: mobixterm, then maybe something is wrong with your Rocky install. How much CPU and RAM did you give it? Can you tell more about the specific configuration and install of your Rocky server?