Copy paste buffer in console

Dear community,

Previously, in rocky 8, using copy/paste on terminal launch directly commands.

In rocky 9, it seems that a buffer is used. All commands are written in terminal, but waiting to be applied with “Enter”

So I’m searching where is defined this buffer size?

Thanks for your feedback

The feature is bracketed paste: Bracketed-paste - Wikipedia

In RHEL 9 (and hence Rocky 9) there is readline 8.1 and it enables bracketed paste mode by default: 2079078 – readline-8.1 enables bracketed paste mode by default

It is possible to turn that off:

set enable-bracketed-paste off

man readline writes:

enable-bracketed-paste (On)
When set to On, readline will configure the terminal in a way that will enable it to insert each paste into the editing buffer as a single string of characters, instead of treating each character as if it had been read from the keyboard. This can prevent pasted characters from being interpreted as editing commands.

What is the size of buffer that is used by readline/bash/terminal? I have no idea.

Thanks for the information.
In fact having this option is not a problem as soon as I’m able to increase the buffer size.
But I keep your solution in mind, could be helpful when I will have to paste a large buffer

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