How to install deltarpm package


I am in process to migrate from CentOS v7.8 To Rocky Linux v8. There are some CentOS scripts that install the base packages where one of the package is “deltarpm”. So when I try to install “deltarpm”, I am getting error message as “No match for argument: deltarpm” . I tried with yum list delta* but not getting any output.

So can you please suggest if there is any alternative to deltarpm in rocky linux? How to address the deltarpm issue?


I don’t think you need it in EL8 or EL9, since dnf already has support for drpm (deltarpm).

You will need to modify those older scripts. RedHat clearly states that deltarpm functionality is no longer supported starting with RHEL8.

A thing is that up to EL7 there was Python 2 -based yum, but
from EL8 there is Python 3 -based dnf that is a major rewrite.

The yum in EL[89] is a symlink to dnf for “convenience” (so that all scripts do not break).