Equivalent yum flag in Rocky Linux


I am in process to migrate from CentOS v7 to Rocky Linux. So I have shell scripts written in CentOS to install packages. The same scripts I want to update equivalent to Rocky Linux where I am facing a problem.
There is a command I.e. yum -t -y . So can somebody please suggest what is equivalent of “-t” in Rocky Linux? So I can install the required package in Rocky Linux.


The tolerant option (-t, --tolerant) is not a thing in dnf. I would recommend that you drop the option from your scripts.

Thank you. Sure will try without -t.

Is there a web page or document where the list of changes or similarities between CentOS and Rocky Linux is documented? this will help to make the necessary changes accordingly.

The mantra was/is: “CentOS is RHEL”, “Rocky is RHEL” (as close as one can get to bug-for-bug).

Therefore, you should read what Red Hat has written about “what is new in RHEL 8 (compared to RHEL 7)” and “what is new in RHEL 9 (compared to RHEL 8)”.

I used to be like that, but then I stumbled on Ansible. Essentially a bunch of scripts too, but way more pre-written.