How to I prevent Rocky linux from kernel version upgrade?

How to I prevent Rocky linux from kernel version upgrade ?

we reproduce over 450 servers Centos to Rocky linux 9.2 .
we know latest os version is Best, GOOD.
Rocky linux 9.2 is tested and fix version, is selected by upper management our company.

9.2 to 9.3 automatic update was
Confusion and re-testing and verification will be required.
Are there any flags or files that prevent automatic kernel updates?

We would like to thank the development team and contributors for releasing 9.3. thank you.

Add to /etc/dnf/dnf.conf something like this:


you can use something like Ansible to make that change across all your servers by adding it to that file. It will save doing it manually.

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I will set

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Sounds like “upper management” does not quite understand distros, like Rocky.
That is quite common, unfortunately.

Adoption of configuration management system, like Ansible, is highly recommended.

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