How do I attach a file to a post (meta)?

I’m new to Discourse. I’ve just added a topic that will be probably be more informative if it includes several large logfiles. The thread-starter is too long with that material embedded.

I’ve attempted to use the import button in the editor, and it only allows image files.

What is the community practice for attaching log files to a post?

Hello @SomervilleTom

it depend on some settings like maybe they do not allow certain action for new user to stop spamming those kind of things
so the system would allow more option as long as the user get more trust you get trust by read more or participate more
not sure if that how they configured it or something else
so keep your post in one thread and add any extra info as a replay to your own post

Indeed, apparently this capability is added after I’ve accumulated more "Trust Level " points. In the meantime, it will be difficult to provide the logs that are surely needed to get Rocky 8.4 running on my system.

I appreciate the reply and your attention, thanks.

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