HELP! Updating Problem

Hello Gang,

Just got out of the hospital – 6 days in ICU and 2 weeks in ocu. therapy. I am in not in the best of shape with possible head trama (among other problems) Result of a bad bike accident. Came hone today (you should see the BEFORE and AFTER pictures) Updated Rocky … of course. The download went well but there were 969 packages that needed to be updated …of course! Around package 600+ of the install I got a mess of error messages. Tried using dnf update --exclude=xyz but there were far too many errors including ones that feed into the other including some that said something that spoke of “FROZEN” followed by a some0 file name ans a Line #. I want to say two of them said something about “/USR/LIB”, and another set that clearly dealt with python (file. py).

Sorry if I am not clear but in a geat deal of pain brain is absolute MUSH. can’t reemember half the tricks I use to know.

There has got to be some slick way of blowing this stuff away or rendering it so that it is skipped so I can finish the update. BTW I have no internet in Rocky 8.6 and I am writing this in openSUSE 15.4 – nice thing about 2 OS’s on Ocelot.

Right now… I need to go to bed and take some weight off the neck brace I am wearing a neck brace. If there is some slick way of cleaning up the CR@P that is prevents me from finishing the update I am sure one of you guys must know of it.

" Night said the Nightman but you can never leave" from Hotel Cal. … I think

D’ Cat

Since the update from 8.5 to 8.6 I have not had an update that involved more than 40 or 50 packages. Usually when this many packages need updates it indicates there must be a number of edge repos involved that may conflict with the base distro packaged software. Without more specific information like posting some copy and paste of the terminal output of the errors it is a guessing game on our part.
How can you update w/o internet on the subject distro?

After much gnasyhing of teeth, and totally messing things up I decided to wipe out the entire drive an restore 8.5 from the backup (which I suspect is how I ended up with 900+ packages as I was on 8.5 not 8.6) Now jaguar, my trashcan monster I updated today and there were only ~ 20 packages that needed to be updated – was running 8.6.

So I live to fight another day: Step 1: Restore 8.5 from my backup tomorrow.

I am tired and in PAIN. Time to go to bed