Worried about Rocky Linux not updating packages promptly

Since Rocky Linux 8.4 was released, I was checking how long it would take for Rocky Linux to update itself after CentOS 8 had updates. For example, When checking CentOS 8 for updates [ Index of /8/BaseOS/x86_64/os/Packages ] , I see some updates happened at least a few days ago and Rocky Linux still hasn’t had any updates [ Index of /rocky/8.4/BaseOS/x86_64/os/Packages/ ] . This is making me [and I am sure other people] worried about how promptly Rocky Linux will be updating its packages compared to other clones. [Especially once CentOS 8 is gone before the end of the year]

Not sure if this is relevant to your situation or not, but I had a similar concern, then noticed that the issue (in my case) was with the mirror I was using not having updated in some time.

Once I pointed my Katello server directly at the repos at Index of /pub/rocky/, I immediately got the package updates I was looking for.


Hey there -

We hear the worry, and are working on making the process more transparent. In short, we will build updates as soon as they are available, and have been testing the best way to get these out in a mostly-automated but still safe and secure fashion.

I am confident we can keep most if not all the information publicly accessible so anyone that wants to can easily follow along and keep track without having to understand the intricacies of Koji, MBS, etc!

The processes are semi-dynamic as we figure out the best way to deliver updates to production as fast as possible, as safely as possible! In addition, Security Eratta, as well as mailing lists, are on their way. Just a few more ways to keep up to date and be on top of updates.

Lastly, thank you for asking the question. Accountability and transparency is really important to us, so keep the questions coming!

Welcome to Rocky Linux!


I had a similar situation like @jacraig this morning. Kept attempting to connect to 40+ mirrors to update rsyslog but couldn’t find it. I guess some of the issues are being caused by the maintainers of the repos not running the reposync often enough for changes to be found.

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@neil – That is fantastic news re Security Errata! Will that be distributed natively in the repos, a la upstream and https://updateinfo.cefs.steve-meier.de ? It would be fantastic, if so, since that would allow for smoother integration into Katello / Spacewalk without the need for extra scripts.

Indeed! And, unless @mustafa yells really really loud … maybe a public-facing API, too :slight_smile:

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I say again: fantastic! You folks are awesome. My team and I are really excited and enthusiastic about this community and all that has been accomplished already.

Tens of thousands of higher education students, faculty, and staff at the large research University where I’m employed, and where Enterprise Linux is heavily used, are already beginning to enjoy incalculable benefits thanks to your efforts.


This is something we’re trying to address too – where mirrors are becoming stale and/or not syncing on a proper interval. We pushed a set of updates within the span of a week and some of our mirrors still hadn’t synced. Not really sure why. Either way, we’re looking into how to address this and is WIP.

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