Grub2 doesn't find kernel .... After VMWare conversion

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After converting with VMWare Converter 6.2, the server Rocky 9.2 remains in the “grub>” menu…
This message occurs at boot: you need to load the kernel first …

So far I have reinstalled Grub in all variations using rescue mode.
I use BIOS mode not EFI for my Hardware!

The grub doesn’t find a kernel…

Can someone help me … ? Does somebody has any idea

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I haven’t used the VMware Converter Standalone in years, but the current VMware Converter Standalone documentation (and note this is for a newer 6.4 version) does not appear to list either 64-bit RHEL 8.x nor RHEL 9.x as a supported operating system for conversion?

Answer confirmed by a VMware employee here. Looks like you will need to wait for the next release of the Converter, newer than 6.4, before RHEL8 will be supported.

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Thanks for the information ?
How do you confer Rocky 9 online?

I installed a patch on Rocky, then the converter ran… When I restarted it the new Rocky 9 (Clone) it stopped in the grub.
That shouldn’t be a problem, with CentOS 7 etc. I just had to reinstall grub (recovery mode)

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Unfortunately, I don’t know what might have happened that caused the grub error after the conversion. The version of VMware Converter you used, 6.2, definitely does not support converting anything newer than CentOS 7, so there is no clear idea of just what might have transferred correctly or could be missing entirely. :grimacing:

That said, I dug around a bit and apparently there is now a Converter 6.6.0 BETA available for download–and it specifically adds support for converting RHEL 8 and RHEL 9 and their derivatives, as well as Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04. (Interestingly enough, it also includes support for convert KVM-based machines as well…)

Note that this newest version is a BETA release, so there might still be some bugs… but you still have your original Rocky 9 machine intact, right? Or at least a usable backup?

I would highly recommend that you use this newest Converter 6.6.0 BETA release and re-convert your source Rocky 9 machine again.

Hope this helps!