FYI Timeshift available in EPEL 8/9

timeshift - “A Linux application that provides functionality similar to the System Restore feature in Windows and the Time Machine tool in Mac OS” (maintained by linux mint) became available in epel again recently.

I think it was dropped for a while as it focused on BTRFS (fedora) which RHEL doesn’t use. However, it can still be used on RHEL/clones using the rsync option.

Even has a nice GUI… AND you can include non-system files eg. home dirs in the snapshot. Though it seems you have to use from the command line if you want to create an adhoc (unscheduled) snapshot.

Definitely worth a look. (though I haven’t tested it yet myself).

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Thank you for that info. Been looking for it, and have it on my list of missing apps I need to get. This was great news. Thank You! :+1:

Need it for nephews 2 computers. Something somewhat easy to use and maintain for them. :crossed_fingers: :+1:

You’re welcome. If you haven’t already seen it EPEL Package Request details how to get missing apps included. ( I just put a request in for exa in epel 8. It’s already in epel 9 )

Thanks, I might want/have to add a few request there later. I saved the page for now. :+1:

Yes, the difference between packages in 8 and 9 is a bit frustrating sometimes. With both old and new hardware, I need to use both (ie. rl9+ = x86_64-v2).

Thanks for the link!

Seems adding rust to the giant fragmentation party hasn’t helped. Who’d-a-thought ? Not a part of 8 so building stuff written in it (eg. exa) for 8 more complicated/time consuming than in 9 and hence likely to be overlooked it seems.

I cried when I read the other day that " In December 2022, Rust became the second high-level language to be supported in the development of the Linux kernel, the first being C". Skimming the blurb rust appears to be a re-run of the same thinking that got us the waste-of-time-broken-promises pig that is Java, the insanity of Javascript and the pointlessness of python - no lessons learnt there then, the tower of babel grows ever higher.