Find module containing given package

We use the ipa-server packages. I’ve been trying to install ipa-server, based on the necessary rpms being in the AppStream repository. However, the ipa-server packages did not seem to be found by dnf, listing or searching with or without module.
Fortunately, I found Josphat Mutal’s web page with some detailed instructions, and I think I can get it from there.
Is there a more straightforward way to find that ipa-server is part of the idm module than to uncompress and search the modules.yaml file from each directory? I hope, and assume so, but I don’t see it.


As an example of what I’m asking for, I can easily see what files a particular package contains with the rpm -ql command. I can invert that to see what package contained a particular file with the dnf provides command.
How may I find what module(s) contain a given package?

Try dnf module provides ipa-server , it shows the package is from the Module idm.

dnf module provides ipa-server
Module   : idm:DL1:8060020220510152720:92098735:x86_64

And dnf provides ipa-server ; is for the package not in modules.

Hope it helps