ExFat USB 512 GB Stick Fails on RL8.6

I have installed ExFat on RL8.6 and now notice, that I can’t write to an 512 GB Sandisk USB.
However, writing the same data to an 256 GB Sandisk runs without any problem

Commands to install ExFat where as follows

50 yum in epel-release

63 mount /dev/sdc1 /home/am/ABCDEFGH/
64 rpm -Uvh http://li.nux.ro/download/nux/dextop/el7/x86_64/nux-dextop-release-0-5.el7.nux.noarch.rpm
65 yum install exfat-utils fuse-exfat
66 exit
67 rpm -v --import http://li.nux.ro/download/nux/RPM-GPG-KEY-nux.ro
68 history

In Rocky 9, exFAT should be available out-of-the-box.

Why are you downloading and installing an EL7 rpm on Rocky 8 or Rocky 9? Just do:

dnf install epel-release (if using Rocky 8)
dnf install exfatprogs

and you will get the correct version. You should not be installing EL7 packages on EL8 or EL9.

Regarding ‘exfatprogs’; has that always existed in official RHEL8 repos or is it new?

Well no, but in fact, as I check it now, I only see it in Rocky because of epel :slight_smile: but for Rocky 9 it does exist as a package in baseos. In which case, for Rocky 9, no need to install epel-release.

Amended my reply above, to reflect that epel-release needs to be installed to get that particular package for Rocky 8.

OK, that’s really clear now!

Those 2 commands did it.

Exfat now works fine on Rocky Linux 8.6. Thanks a lot.

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