Evolution Calendar

My evolution calendar [1] is not syncronizing automatically with Google calendars.
I have to manually click on every calendar and then click refresh.
I am not sure if this is normal, at least for me it’s anoying.

So, i would like to either create a script to run it instead of clicking on every calendar or have Rocky9 synchronize all my google calendars automatically by activating that somewhere (which i do not know were).

If someone could guide me on how to do this, that’d be highly appreciated.

Thank you for the help you can provide.
Kind regards,

[1] Evolution Mail and Calendar

I’ve used Evolution for years on Ubuntu, but not in Rocky, since I’ve just started to explore Rocky. All my calendars are in Google. They all refresh without any action from me in Evolution.

I right-clicked on my primary calendar, and selected Properties. I have:

Server handles meeting invitations - checked
Refresh every - 1 hr
Refresh content on metered network - checked

Hope this helps.

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