Epson Printer Issue

I’m currently running Rocky Linux 8.6. I’m trying to get an EPSON XP-4105 to print a document. the document is in PDF format and is opened in firefox as well as a document viewer.
Every time I try it comes up with PRINTING STOPPED at the top of the screen. If I go to devices Printers the printer is listed as EPSON_XP-4100_SERIES Ready.
Is it just that the printer is not compatible with Rocky and if so what printer is recommended or am I not doing something correctly.



Epson Printers. This MAY be a printer compatibility issue; but by all means it MAY NOT.

IF you want to buy a printer that is compatible with LINUX you buy HP. You need to do your research first:

Epson is a fairly generic printer. So you may find your printer on the list. I had picked out a HP printer that was known to work with Linux. I picked out the model. My sister surprised me for Christmas and got me a HP ENVY 4520. I did not see the Envy 4520 on the list. A call to HP told me that the ENVY 5420 would work but I had to download the right driver… and install it. I downloaded the correct driver, BUT I had to compile it first. That took something like 2 hours. Next I ended up like you where I got a message that said the computer saw the printer and was ready. No luck. It all came down to three things.

  1. It could be set up to use USB or some other mode. I unplugged and set it up to run in USB.
  2. Next I had to go to System Settings => Hardware => Printers. Clicking on Printers should give a drop down menu and you should see you your printer listed.
  3. Then go to Administration and you should see two listings one called Printer Management Settings and the other called Print Settings. You may need to horse around here to get the printer working.

P.S. I have my printer set to Leopard, I have NOT tried to get it to work on Ocelot least I am am forced to jrump through hoops again. In THEORY that was the way I got my printer to work.

D’ Cat

Thanks mate will give it a try!

You can try install drivers for XP-4105 for Linux from link EPSON Download Center . You don’t forget install lsb in Rocky Linux 8/9.

If the epson printer is showing as “ready”, you have to first ask how did it get there? It implies that the o/s has already recognozed the printer.

Instead of printing a document, start with a test page, e.g in “GUI : Settings : Printers : Unlock”. Also check the logs for printer related errors.

Rocky already has drivers for many older printers, but not new ones. Some printers don’t need a driver, e.g. if they accept PCL or PostScript.

Try also this command as standard user:

lpinfo -l -v