Do not see usb memory stick in /dev/sd* when plugged in

I have Rocky 9.4. I put entries in /etc/fstab for several memory sticks I use, all with ‘user,noauto,rw,nosuid’ and I made mount points for them. With my previous system, CentOS 7, when I plug in a memory stick with an ext2 or ext3 file system on it, the device appears as /dev/sda1 or sometimes /dev/sdb1. Then I can mount it on the mount point I want for that memory stick. But in rocky 9, when I insert the device, I see no /dev/sd*, I see nothing in ‘lsblk’ or ‘lsusb’ output. What do I need to do to get the usb device recognized but not automounted?
George Reeke

You need to verify that dmesg is actually seeing the device being plugged in. You can monitor it via dmesg -w. You can then see what is happening when it’s plugged in.

Thanks nazunalika. I tried that. This is super embarrassing! When I didn’t get any dmesg’s I looked more carefully–I was plugging the memory stick into what was actually an ethernet socket that it fit in. Using the nearby usb socket, everything works normally–dmesg, device in sda and sda1, mount works, data OK. Sorry for the waste of time.