Dlna server for Rocky?

Migrated most of my servers to Rocky now, and whilst many applications will say “not tested on Rocky” they all seem to work - except my good old minidlna server.

I keep hitting missing libraries and end up going down a rabbit hole trying to install all the missing requirements. I am currently stuck on getting ffmpeg working and have thought that I may be flogging a dead horse.

I just want a simple dlna server to share files within my house. I have a fully operational EMBY server for everything else, but it has always baulked at playing nicely with one of my dlna players.

Sooooo - looking for a recommended dlna server for Rocky - over to the panel of experts…


It may be worth mentioning the name of the dlna server you are trying to get to work?

ffmpeg should install fine, with these instuctions:

As for recommending a dlna server, although I’ve not tested this on rocky; I always go for minidlna. Looks like this available in the rpmfusion repo and it looks like it should should work fine.

Thanks Tom.

“Migrate” could mean two things:

  • Convert CentOS Linux 8 installation into Rocky Linux. Both should see same libraries.
  • Install Rocky Linux from scratch, when machine previously had an unrelated distro, like CentOS 7 or Ubuntu.

dlna … about a decade ago I had Buffalo and Sony, both boasting dlna. It did turn out that “Sony dlna” means dlna in Sony devices … couldn’t use then and haven’t used since.

For “codecs” I too would check RPM Fusion repos first: Configuration - RPM Fusion

Hi, not sure if that is of any help to you, but:
Back in my Fedora days (before going CentOS and then Rocky) I had mixed success with DLNA server software. What I finally came up to use was “gerbera” see https://gerbera.io

Apparently, there’s indeed packages for Rocky (checked by sudo dnf search gerbera)

Other servers such as

  • dleyna
  • minidlna or
  • rygel
    all didn’t quite work for me for some kind of reason, so probably gerbera will do the trick for you too in case you can’t resolve the minidlna problems.

HTH, Cheers,

Yes - my bad for not stating this. I am trying to install minidlna.
I have just build a second box for testing, and included the development packages - I will let you know how this one goes.

My “migration” is building a new OS from scratch and installing / moving all the required applications. I will check codecs on the test machine being built now.

I tried Gerbera and other variants of that on Centos 7 without any luck. If I cannot get minidlna running on the new Rocky 8 test box, I will investigate Gerbera again.

Best of Luck with that project!! I am finally in the home stretch of building a NEW workstation from scratch, and that project has not quite gone the way I planned. Building an entire OS from scratch?!? Shudder!!

it sounds like you’re trying to install minidlna from source, this is generally a bad idea. As tjdoyle previously pointed out minidlna is available as a package from rpmfusion: RepoView: "RPM Fusion EL free 8 - x86_64". Install the rpmfusion repo followed by dnf install minidlna and you should be done without all of the extra headache you’re going through.

Just to clarify, those steps are:

dnf install https://mirrors.rpmfusion.org/free/el/rpmfusion-free-release-8.noarch.rpm
dnf install minidlna
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