Dell Latitude External Monitor Issues

I’m using a Dell Latitude with an Intel i5-8350u (Intel UHD Graphics 620) running the latest Rocky. When I plug in an external monitor to the HDMI port on the laptop before boot I can extend my desktop to the external monitor but can not select use only the external as a single monitor. If I do, the screens go bank and 14 seconds later the laptop screen comes back into view but instead of the external being extended at native resolution it cuts it down to only 3 resolution options around 800x600. I know the monitor work find and this laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 works as expected as well.

Not sure if I’m missing a proper driver or what but would like to avoid being forced to use the laptop screen at all.

I had the exact same issue. The laptop can find the monitor, and it can mirror the screens. But I cannot do the joint display.