Custom thumbnail

Hi all.

I’m trying to figure out how can I tell Rocky to generate thumbnails for Blender files (.blend). Usually is done when the distro have a repo with configured files and etc.

But how RHEL doesn’t seem to have something like it, I’ve downloaded Blender from the official site.

Usually inside Windows machines, after decompress the file, we can use another file inside the folder to tell the system how .blend thumbnails will be generated, we can go to the blender directory through CMD and do a:

regsvr32 blend-thumbnailer

This command insert the thumbnailer rules into the system.

How can I do it in Rocky? There is a place to put the blender-thumbnailer? There is some command to load it during the boot or what?

Blend files can be a lot more than just images, so I’m now sure how it decides what to show, but anyway there’s some old docs here that explain the general way it works (not specific to blender).

You may need to make a call to blender itself, but beware it could slow things down a lot.